Food truck park of Ahmedabad

Nowadays there is the concept of a food truck park is popular among the people of Ahmedabad. There are many food truck parks opened in the last 2-3 years. Most of the parks on the Sardar Patel Ring road are near Bopal, Rajpath club and Karnavati club. Most food truck parks provide veg and non-veg options.

Most of all food parks are open in the evening time. Here is the list of the food truck park in Ahmedabad. Also, you can see the list of the popular cafes.

1 – Makarba Club O7 Road (Karnavati Club Road)

Food Orbit (Makarba – S.P.Ring Road)

This park is on the way from Bopal to Karnavati club. It has a lot of varieties of food and seating arrangements available.

2 – Rajpath Rangoli Road

Urban Chowk – On Rajpath club – SP Ring Road Junction

  • Urban Chowk has 40+ outlets and most happening place or food court in the Ahmedabad
  • It is located on the Rajpath Rangoli road at the junction with SP Ring Road. Read more by clicking the below link

3 – SP Ring Road (SBR to Vaishnavdevi)

  • Carnival Food Park
  • The Grass Cartel
  • Panchat Garage
  • Sunny Paji da Dhaba
  • Vibes 9
  • Moj Cafe
  • Apna Adda
  • Mahol Cafe

Baap No Bagicho (Shilaj Circle)

This is located on Shilaj circle on s.p.ring road. Many users feel that this is best among all in terms of ambience. This serves only vegetarian food as of now.

Food truck park includes

  • Varieties of food
  • Kids play area
  • Shops
  • Live music
  • Self-services
  • Open space

Some common veg options are

  • Chula dhosa
  • Woodfire pizza
  • Samosa and puff
  • Bhajipau
  • Mexican
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Chhole bhature
  • Sandwich
  • Juices and milkshakes
  • Ice cream
  • Coffee
  • Chat

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