Night Zoo At Kankaria

Kankariya zoo of Ahmedabad is very innovative and always come up with unique idea. Years ago when I went to zoo I found that wild animal like hyenas, leopard and jackal always remain tired or sleepy.

Zoo authorities launched the night zoo (Nocturnal zoo). Actually concept it like they change day to night and night to day for the animals. Change the feeding pattern and provide artificial lighting effect give feeling of night to animal. So they remain active during our day time.

Its kind of glass cage so visitors can easily identify the animal’s activities. They have put the microphone inside the cage so roar of animal can be heard to visitors. Its kind of unique experience for the visitors to see wild active animals. As of now they have introduced few animals for this house but later on they will add more animals.

The zoo authorities gets lots of visitors in last year for this particular zoo. This is located inside the Lake Front of Kankariya near the One Tree Hill Garden and Tunnel of Toy Train. Also it is located little far from the main zoo.

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